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Revolutionising the collaboration game, Brand2Me connects like-minded Instagram Influencers and Brands across the globe to grow and thrive together.

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Introducing the latest and fastest growing platform for Instagram Influencer collaborations, providing easy to use tools to connect, collaborate, track and succeed.

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Whether you’re a business looking to improve your online presence, or an influencer looking to monetise your popularity, Brand2Me provides the perfect platform to connect with relevant, likeminded Influencers, Brands and Businesses.


Makes things easy for you

Here at Brand2Me, we like to keep things simple and so we have simplified the process into 4 easy steps (don’t say we aren’t good to you!)


Easily filter through our vast database of Influencers and Brands to find a collaboration partner who is perfect for you!


Establish, build relationships and agree collaborations and campaigns via our easy-to-use messaging system.


Stay on top of things and monitor your progress and growth with live and reliable data insights.


Build your brand and grow together (and then repeat the process!)

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